What is the Process of Powder Coating A Piece of Metal?

Coating metals with paint is a service. Manufacturers need this service to make their metal products like machines and parts durable. Powder coating is used for coating metals. The process is called powder coating.

What is the Process?

A piece of metal is first cleaned to remove debris and moisture from its surface. It is sprayed with powder coat. The paint is sprayed with a gun and the metal is bathed in the powder coat until it gets paint all over. When it has paint all over its surface, it is kept in a heater to heat and melt paint.

The paint starts melting in the heater and when the paint becomes a thin film, the metal is taken out of the heater and put at a cool place until it is cooled. When it is cooled, it is shipped to its owner.


Who is A Metal Painter?

There are companies that provide metal painting services and there are many companies. The companies get orders from manufacturers of machines and parts. They provide batch and automotive painting. Batch painting is a manual process and automotive painting is automatic process.

Single pieces of metals like machines are treated under batch process or manual process. Every piece is hand painted for a perfect job. But when the order is in bulk and the pieces are of same size and weight then automated process is used.

Companies bid for metal painting services and bag orders from manufacturers. A company that is able to provide both the batch painting and automotive painting is considered reliable.


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