Batch System of Powder Coating has Several Advantages over Automated System

It is difficult to say whether batch system of treating metals with powder is best or it is automated system that holds the title of being the best powder coating. Both the systems have their advantages and specific uses. For instance, batch system would be of little help, if there are number metal pieces of similar size lined up for coating.

Metal parts manufacturers need quick service as they have to pack and send the parts to market for sale. If a manufacturer produces 100 parts a day, it would want its coating service provider to coat all the parts in a business day so that the manufacturer could send more parts for coating. The service provider would choose automated system to provide best powder coating in shortest possible time.

Powder coat gives perfect metal finish

Automated system increases cost but reduces time. The parts to be coated are lined up for coating. The parts are sent from one machine to another where they are cleaned and then treated with powder. Finally the parts are cured in an oven and send to the manufacturer. Automated system can coat more than 100 parts in a business day. It is for this reason; automated system is the best powder coating system for industries.

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Batch system is used for treating individual parts. Parts that can’t be handled by automatic machines are cleaned and treated by a skilled workforce. In batch system, the parts are treated manually and this is what makes it the best powder coating. When the treatment is provided manually, chances of errors in finishing are little.


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